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DDS may be able to assist you in preventing debt collection calls harassment, and potential lawsuits by challenging your collectors to prove the alleged debt is valid, verifiable, and legally collectible. Amazingly one civil court judge in Brooklyn, who presides over as many as 100 credit card debt collection cases a day stated, "I would say that roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits are flawed and can't prove the person owes the debt." We invoke federal laws and statutes found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and other laws to protect you from debt collectors, fraudulent collection practices, and violations of your rights. Not only can DDS potentially be able to assist you in stopping collection calls, we make them prove the debt, and work with a nation wide attorney firm for collecting money for you if debt collectors violate your rights. Experience shows that our process works, we even have a guarantee.

Our procedure disputes the account which collectors are trying to make you pay. We require your collector to provide validation, verification, and proof of their legal authority to collect from you.  You'd be surprised to learn they can't, in fact over 10,000 debt cases were dismissed in Maryland alone due to a debt collector not being licensed (not having legal authority) to collect.  We make sure your collector is licensed, that they have records, that the original contract does not violate Truth in Lending Laws, and much more. Due to legal technicalities, fraud by some collectors, or a lack of records from the original creditor, debt collectors are most often unable to legally validate and collect the debt.  To find out more about the rampant fraud in credit cards, and in collections please click here.

is to protect consumer's rights and help them avoid harm due to fraudulent or unfair financial practices. Our goal, through education, proactive personal debt research, defense, and dispute is to reduce the incidence of personal bankruptcies in the United States.


Because DDS uses a variety of laws to demand full verification of the source, validity, and legal authority of the debt collector to pursue you, they often cease collection; should they not cease collection or file a suit, our procedural paperwork can be used as a defense proving the debt was not validated. To see if we can be of assistance in your situation, call us for a free consultation.


“Thank you so much for  your program, you have saved us so much burden and money. We will make sure to refer many other people we know to you. I can’t believe how simple and effective this program is. Keep up the good work!!!”
-Y.P. Kim